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For anyone that might be on the fence about one of these machines, and the customer support for them. Let me assure you that the customer support rocks! As does the machine, it’s a freaking beast.
I have called them once and was blown away. I got to speak with Jen. At the time I had not received any tracking info for my machine. Not only did she get me hooked up with said info, but was a delight to speak with. The reason I had not gotten the email came down to a mistake with “.com versus .net”. The worst part was that after receiving my machine, it had to sit in it’s boxes for a couple of days while I finished getting my little shop in order. lol.
On November 25th I ran into an issue. I figured it would be to late to call, so I just sent an email, and video of the problem I was having to customer support. I started closing up my shop, and got an email from them. I thought it would take a day or so to hear back from them. This had only been a couple of minutes since I sent the email. It was not an automated response that many companies use. There were several emails back an forth, the last at 6:46 P.M. CST. Not only did this blow my mind, but yeah, it fixed the problem as well.
Again, if you are sitting on the fence trying to figure out what machine to go with, you won’t regret getting a OneFinity.
Just my two cents.


Couldn’t agree with you more. I had a similar situation and sent email on a Friday night after 9pm CST thinking I wouldn’t hear back until Monday. You can imagine my surprise when I received a response 10 minutes later. These guys truly ROCK!!


I have had the same experience with a couple issues that I have had. Absolutely incredible customer service. Could not be happier with my purchase.


Thanks for this, good to hear!


Sorry for digging up an old thread but I’d like to take this opportunity to chime in with my experience to date.

I encountered what appears to be an infant failure of a physical component in the controller yesterday. I contacted tech support via email thinking I might get a response sometime next week. Much to my surprise they responded within 1 hour offering troubleshooting suggestions and a determination that the part had failed. Early this morning I was notified of the tracking number with hopeful delivery by Monday or Tuesday!

So count me among those who are more than impressed with the 1F team.


As a follow up, the new part actually arrived today and all is right with the world now!

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That is very impressive indeed.

I know this is an old thread, but I wanted to share my recent experience as well. When i received my machine and laser, the laser driver was not powering on. I contacted support via email and within 30min I had a reply. We exchanged a couple emails to verify my steps then they brought in JTech support. They confirmed there was an issue and send me a replacement overnight. Everything is running like magic. That’s what I call support.