Last weeks Cyber Monday week announcements are live now!


Last weeks Cyber Monday week announcements go on sale in 1 hour!

Make sure you get your order in early as we expect shipping times to increase quickly due to large demand!

Just placed my order for the tool setter and Z-break…

Can’t wait…


All products are now LIVE on the website to purchase!

I responded to the email that I received Saturday but haven’t received a response back. I ordered the z-20 upgrade to go with my CNC order that I placed in November but now that it’s included for free (x-50 to pro version change), will I get refunded for purchasing it already?


I sent the email to on Saturday and sent another replying to Augustine l, who sent me the information about the change from X-50 to Pro, with an answer to his question and a couple questions of my own. Do I need send another email?