Elite Upgrade Kit Ordered (discussion)

I am failing to see the issue with the price of the kit. It is cheaper than if you pieced it our yourself. You also get a 1-year warranty on the complete machine. The cost for the RD and time to put the kit together, and warranty, is the old hardware that I would assume anyone interested in this setup would no longer want. It seems like a great deal to me.

Remember you can see what you can sell your setup for and buy a complete machine if you want. Nothing stopping you. If you think you can save money there.


Price breakdown for major parts:

1 x Masso controller $1290
3 x Closed loop steppers $411
3 x homing switches $114
1 x Power Supply $43

That’s $1858 there, and we haven’t talked about custom wiring, hardware, drag chain, or warranty.


I am glad that there is a path for an “upgrade”. However,arent the non-Elite machines perfectly capable?Cant the original model(in my case the X50 WoodWorker),do everything that the Elite models can?Seems to me that the money would be better spent on a spindle upgrade for instance.I certainly would be interested in the Elite series if I could be shown a substantial increase in ability/quality.

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Hey allmodcons, hey all,

I commented a bit on this question here the other day

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non-elite machines are more than capable.

Look at it this way, it’s the same car, but different trim levels. They’ll all get you to the same spot, just the higher end one has more comfort features at a cost.


Makes sense but we are returning the BB hardware as well.

So it would be reasonable for it to be 2000 - X.

But seems like there is no discount for us sending back the BB hardware that OF can/will resell.

So are we subsidizing the OF IPP program ourselves then?


The ‘discount’ for sending your old items (and the return shipping we pay) is built into the displayed cost. IE: the cost displayed is after the ‘discount’.

For those already have Z-20, if we select the without Z-20 kit, will it come with 4 closed loop motors, or 3 motors? Thanks.

4, as you’ll need to convert your original z-20 to the ‘elite’ z-20.
So, you’ll replace the motor and coupler, add the homing sensor, and add the homing trigger.
Watch the installation youtube video!

Am i correct in thinking that the addition of a 4th rotary axis is an easier task with the masso controller?

Me too. Merry Christmas to me…lol

Yes - the Masso can support a 5th axis, so you don’t need to rob an axis from the existing machine to support the rotary.

Order # 42745 for me.

#42646, I ordered at 10:04

Order No. 42672 at 10:12
I’d say they made some sales today.

I was right at about 10am with Order No 42616. So in 4 minutes it looks like they sold 30 upgrade kits …lol

So exactly what will my machine do after I spend a couple of thousand more, that it cannot do now?
Of course one wonders if our non elite machines will become unsupported orphans,

Hey Andy,

Making this a separate topic:

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I believe if you do a quick search you will find a few FAQs from Onefinity that may help answer that. Also, check out the Masso webpage and their product descriptions.

Most companies whose machines I own give EOL warnings well ahead, and usually many, many years after a product was first launched - depends on the company and nature of the equipment of course, but based on my experience I personally trust the integrity of Onefinity.

Answered here: What is the difference between the original X-35/X-50 machines and the ELITE Series Onefinity CNC Machines?