Order # 13440 - Here we go!

Hello all. Just made the purchase of a Onefinity(woodworker) today. Looking forward to the upcoming months of reading and planning, until the day comes when it arrives!!

Woodworking is a fairly new deal for me, but I’ve been involved in Manufacturing for many years. Currently design and manufacture medical devices. Cad/Cam software and G Code isn’t new.

I would love nothing more than for some of you guys with all the experience to enlighten me on the biggest hurdles I will face when this machine arrives. There is definitely a ton of information here on the forums to keep me busy for days, but I’m looking for the one thing you feel is something I need to consider immediately…

Welcome! I’ve got a several month wait as well, but a little ahead of you in line :).

Like you I’ve got experience with CAD/CAM software and gcode but mine is all from my 3d printing hobby. I think you will find the folks here really kind to those new in the CNC game. More than a couple have their own youtube channel with helpful information as well.

Hey Durbin89, CONGRATS! I marked myself ‘Safe from not having a ONEFINITY much longer anymore’ today as well (aka I ordered one, now what?). Hope I can live up to the expectations of the G-CODE GODS and avoid creative gridlock. Part of my decision was the machine itself but also this great maker community of users. Hope to learn from everyone AND contribute at some point. Currently trying to figure out which software(s) to use, without spending a ton of $$$ for something that may or may not be what I need/like. Being a MAC user and not interested in going down the Windows/Parallels for MAC route, my options are slightly more limited, I guess. Maybe Carbide3D to start with, then move on to Fusion360. Anyway, have a great day and enjoy the upcoming weeks of anticipation! :slight_smile:

Congratulations to you as well xyz_sven!!!

I feel the same way about the people here, as I’ve been lurking around for months debating this… All seem very helpful, and I as you do, hope to learn and contribute to this wonderful community!!!

I would think Fusion360 would be a pretty solid platform to use. I’ve used Mastercam programming CNC mills for some years, and just picked up Fusion360 recently and it was a pretty painless transition(I would say I still prefer Mastercam, but that was where I began too…).


Thanks @Durbin89! Yeah, I have no experience in CAD/CAM, so I will start from scratch. Would prefer a solution that will allow me to 2D/3D design AND create the G-Code all in one platform, so Fusion360 might be a good solution? Would also be great to be able to use for laser/3D printing later on as well, without having to re-create existing designs. Definitely have some more learning to do here.

Hi Cody. I have only had my OF for a few months but I’m moving up from a shapeoko 3xxl that I have had for about a year and half .when I got my shapeoko my wood working experience was from high school 25 years ago so I basically had no experience. Probably the best advice I can give is watch a lot of YouTube videos and try what they do step for step as a practice run there are a lot of guys that show you every step of a project. One of my favorites is spindleTv. If your using any of the vetric software. Start simple and work up and use cheap wood to start .good luck and try to enjoy yourself