CNC Software Question

Just purchased the onefinity after a little research on the different machines, it seemed to be the most solid built and user “Newbie” friendly setup. However I’m not so sure about the software, being totally new to this discipline I have found the software is not cheap so like the machine I would like to make a good choice for the software, which brings me here.

My goal starting off is to make custom designed signs, not just the lettering but scenery as well custom works if you will, and of course as I grow with the machine in time be able to do more things maybe design a guitar from start to finish.

Any help in this area would be greatly appreciated, so Thanks ahead of time.

If you are just starting out in CNC. I would suggest using Carbide Create or Easel. They are both free and pretty easy to use to get you feet wet.

Once you’ve got the hang of things upgrade to something like VCarve Desktop/PRO or Carvco Maker.

Fusion 360 also free and more powerful but there is a steep learning curve unless you are already comfortable with CAD/CAM software.

There are quite a few posts on this subject. If you type “software” in the search you’ll get a bunch of hits. Here are a couple of threads…

I should have read down in the forum before posting the question, thanks for the info…