Best software for use with onefinity

Hi everyone. I am trying to find the best software for designing on onefinity machines. i have had one several years and have been using Easel from inventables. it is ok, but I dont like how finicky it can be. I have heard that v carve and carveco are much better and I am wanting to get something that is more suited to the machine.

Hey David,

many people in this forum use Vcarve Pro or Fusion360. The first runs only under windoze and costs more than €600 and there is a hobbyist version of the second that is accessible at no cost which people constantly complain of Autodesk permanently removing functions.

Before you spend money, you should know that there are powerful free and open source software packages that are very evolved nowadays. See here for examples:


I have been happy using Fusion (they recently dropped the “360” from the name) for engineering type modeling and designs that benefit from the parametric variables and timeline. It’s not the best at easily manipulating and arranging text if your main goal is signs or awards, although if you use another art program like Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape or Canva or Lightburn and export as .svg or .dxf to import into Fusion that can be useful.

For laser work on the Onefinity i’ve been really impressed with the ease of use of Lightburn. I think it is well worth the $60 price for laser work. I just realized it can export .svg files too, so it might be great to pair as a design tool to import into Fusion for CAM.


You have asked the CNC equivalent of “Which is the best football team?”
The answer is whichever one you like, can use, afford, and does the job. Try them all. Most have free trials available. I use Licensed Solidworks, VCarve Pro with the laser module, Lightburn, and Fusion 360 Free Hobbyist (I guess Fusion now with no 360?). Each has its own strength and weakness and can do different things better/faster/stronger. I just added DraftSight to the mix thanks to a great suggestion from a fellow 1F user, it also has it’s place.

That is my pot of chili. A $50 bill says every single forum member has a different recipe. You just gotta mix your own until you find what you like. Write down the names and grab the demos.

There are a bunch of free ones also, some of which are incredibly powerful for design but suck for GCODE and vice versa. Some just suck at everything or you need a PHD to use it. FreeCad, InkScape, LaserGRBL, Librecad for example and there are others.

RhinoCad/CAM has a great reputation but is far from free and I have not used it but have seen things from others that are awesome and make me feel bad about myself and my work.

Good Luck! I would love to know what you decide in the end and why.

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Hey, I feel you. When I was looking at getting a CNC my first concern was software. I am a long way from computer literate but saw a long list of free,open source software, most billed as easy to use. I tried to make sense of the first few but could not make heads or tails of any of them. YMMV. I wound up just biting the bullet, got Vectric Pro and Lightburn. The earning curve is pretty steep but there’s all kinds of instructions online if you get stuck. My 2¢ Cdn.

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Oops, that’s ’ learning curve’ although the earning curve is pretty steep too.:roll_eyes: