Do I really need it?

Hi there,

I am new at the infinity forum and I have a (stupid) question.

I came from the Snapmaker machine and I am thinking of switching to the onfinity.

the question is, do I really need al this expensive vectric (and so on) software???
i am quit familiar with the Fusion360 software and have already installed the onfinity post processor.

greetings From the Netherlands

If you are confortable with Fusion 360 Keep using it

No you don’t need vectric software. You can use fusion360 perfectly fine with the Onefinity. Some people just find vectric software easier to navigate.

thank you for the reply

Hi Cor,

Good to hear someone from the Netherlands is considering the 1F.
If you are intrested you are welcome in Lochem i have my 1F up and running.
For an start i am using Carbite create, so perhaps you can give me some hints for using Fusion 360.


I’ve been forcing myself to use Fusion 360. I tried carving a sign with v-bits and flat bottoms in Fusion, but could not figure it out so I ended up subscribing to Carveco Maker and used it for that one project. But I’m still pushing myself to use Fusion first.

I have found that vcarve desktop is my go to for signs and vcarving because it is down and dirty simple for that with good results. Any other objects I do I use fusion for. Fusion is easier to use to me for shape creation but is not as easy for lettering. That said I have not tried it again with some of the updates released in the last few months.

Hi Cor,

After I ordered my Onefinity I realized that I also needed software to create my designs. As a “zuinige” Hollander I don’t like to spend money if it is not necessary. After some research I found FreeCad. It is open source and completely free. After month or so, I got fed up with this program because of the instability. So then I switched to Fusion 360, which I’m still learning. The design part is quite straight forward. The CAM part is still quite a challenge for me. Fortunately there are a lot of tutorials on YouTube. As far as I can see Fusion 360 might be more complex to understand than the Vectric software. But once you are already familiar with it, it doesn’t make any sence to buy Vectric or similar software.

Groeten uit Rotterdam

Well. thnx everyone for the reply’s.

you’r comments show that (sinds I am familiar with Fusion360) it is not really necessary to buy expensive software…
exact for the lettering part, of that I am not sure…

to my dutch friends… maybe it’s a good idea to share knowledge live! sometimes??

Hi Johan, Lochem is not quit in my neighborhood but thanks for the offer

Hi Paul,
do you have your 1F already at home ?

Hi Cor,
I just got a mail that it’s being shipped today.

Ordered :smiley:
All I have to do is wait until the last of July :unamused:

hi Dutchies, how are the machines?

I’m also interested in ordering one, but bit afraid of all the extra costs.
I’m based in Breda and interested to speak someone about this process.

Does vertellen, ik kom uit Raamsdonksveer