Best software journeyman

I bought the journeyman and was wondering what software is best with this machine.

Hey Chris… The most popular software used by Onefinity customers is V-Carve. Carveco is a close second. The most popular “free” software is Easel and Carbide Create. Hope this helps.

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I’m partial to carveco maker plus

Thank you does corel draw work with this machine?

Fusion 360 is always good!

You can work in any design software you are comfortable with, however you will still need to import your vectors into something capable of generating the tool pathing for your CNC.

It’s also possible to work entirely in a program such as Fusion 360, VCarve, Carveco Maker or Carbide Create. It can vary by project depending on how complex things are, but some people absolutely do their main design work outside of those programs and then just import it in for a final pass to make sure it’s all to scale and that your tool paths are good.

What kind of projects are you mainly looking at making?

Thanks. Have some research to do. My brother in law likes corel draw but I want to use what is common to this machine do it would be easier to reach out on problems.
Thanks for the information

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Hi Chris - I don’t believe Corel draw is a 3d modeling application - maybe closer to a vector editor? Regardless, you will need something to convert your drawings into tool paths and then into gcode.

My recommendation is alway go with something free until you understand the workflow and you know how you will be using the machine. Then you are a more informed consumer when you make a purchase.


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