What CAD/CAM software can be used to make gcode files for the Onefinity CNC

What CAD/CAM software can be used on the Onefinity CNC?


Here are the CAD software packages that work, are supported, and have a Onefinity specific post processor:


  • Vectric: Comes in several types, most popular being Vcarve Pro. Has trial versions (but cannot run trial gcode on any CNC machines). Has Onefinity Specific Post Processor. We sell it HERE. (80% of Onefinity users choose a Vectric product.)
  • Carveco: (Free with current elite and x-50 programs) Comes in several types, some subscription based. Does not have trial version. Has Onefinity Specific Post Processor. We sell it HERE.


  • Easel: Easel is web based and runs in a browser. It has a free version and a paid version. This is a great option for beginners. Requires exporting gcode explained HERE.
  • Carbide Create: CC is a small download for windows or mac. It has a free basic version and a paid version. You will need to set the post processor to GRBL in CC to export gcode for the Onefinity explained HERE.
    Please note, as of Version 7 of CC, exporting .gcode is now locked behind a paywall. You can download V6 from the above link that does not require payment to export .gcode for the Onefinity.
  • Fusion 360: Fusion 360 has a free version that has limitation and various paid versions. Fusion is an extremally powerful, advanced, and complicated program. We do not advise this for new CNC users. It works on both Windows and Mac. There is a Onefinity specific post processor built in and a community version. (Thanks @blaghislain )

OS Compatibility:

Windows Compatible:

  • Vectric
  • Carveco
  • Easel (website based)
  • Carbide Create
  • Fusion 360

Mac Compatible: (native)

  • Easel (website based)
  • Carbide Create
  • Fusion

Other CAD programs that MAY work (but has no specific Onefinity Post processor):

Search these terms in this forum to see what the community is doing with these CAD programs

  • MeshCam
  • Solidworks
  • EZ Cad
  • FreeCAM
  • Estlcam

MAC Users:

It is possible to install Bootcamp on intel macs or use parallels to install windows on your mac, that allows installing windows cad software.


We recommend using Vectric Laser Module or Lightburn for Laser gcode creation.

Recommended Computer / Laptop ?

This laptop is what we recommend as the most budget friendly option that fulfills all the minimum requirements for all the above programs but is still affordable: