Cabinet Design Software

Hey Dan,

sounds to me as if you have been told that before you travel to the destination you would like to go to or that you have in mind, you should first go to other places where others have already been.

I think if you are new to designing virtual models in 3D (which you want to export as toolpath and mill on your CNC machine), you should know that when attempting to master a CNC machine, learning to use a CAD/CAM software is what takes the most time. Therefore my opinion is, the sooner you start with working with a CAD/CAM software, the better.

If you want to use Vectric VCarve Pro, which many people here would recommend, …

The Vectric trial version however does not allow you to export g-code toolpaths :frowning:. But you can export them later when you bought VCarve Pro.

Free and open software

If you want to learn to create 3D objects and export them as toolpath to execute them on your CNC machine without paying money, you could also begin with

🢡 FreeCAD

which is completely free and open.

It offers vast documentation and tutorials:

FreeCAD has a lot of different capabilities, they are called Workbenches:

One of the workbenches used for CAD is the Part Workbench, another is PartDesign Workbench, you may also start with 2D objects on the Draft Workbench, which you can use to create 3D objects later.

The part of FreeCAD that exports toolpaths suitable for being executed by a CNC machine is the Path Workbench.