Carbide Create V652 Installer Link

Carbide Create V652 Install Link.



You MUST change the post processor to GRBL before exporting gcode to the Onefinity.

When using Carbide Create (previous to Version 7, as 7 and above are incompatible
with gcode exporting unless you use the pro (paid version)), as your design software, you’ll want to make sure you select the correct post processor before you save your gcode.

If you save the gcode with default settings it will add the probing code ( M6 command) that will ask to probe before every toolpath.

You need to select GRBL post processor in Carbide Create (these do not add the probing command of G6) by choosing edit at the top left, then select Post Processor. The default is set to ‘Shapeoko with limit switches’ which adds the probing code. Make sure you are using version 652 of Carbide Create (see above). The post processor choices are a relatively new setting for Carbide.

We’ve attached a picture below.

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