Using Carbide Create with the OneFinity CNC machine

Sorry for another post on this topic, but I am getting mixed messages on this.

If I am using Carbide Create, which post processor should I choose for use with my OneFinity machine that will work closest to the Vectric post processor supplied by 1F? I will probe my machine before starting the GCode, so I don’t need that step.

This video says use the Basic GCode:
This FAQ post says GRBL:
This post says either Basic GCode or GRBL as neither does probing:


We made a mistake in that video, ensure you use GRBL not basic gcode.


I haven’t used Carbide Create but your question got me curious so I installed it - created a project with a v carve tool path and a contour in it then exported it as basic g code and GRBL and compared the files - they are exactly the same. There may be circumstances where it generates differently but this test did not.

I ran the GRBL on the Onefinity and it worked with no issues.

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Thanks for the replies.

I don’t plan on using Carbide Create often but I am using it for waste board surfacing since VCarve Desktop is limited to 24"x24". On the file I created both GRBL and Basic yielded the same GCode too but I have heard issues with extra putting y being required on one of the post processors. It’s good to have the definitive answer.

I’m having issues with Carbide Create while working on a 3d relief carving on my Journeyman X50. No matter what settings I use I get serious and uneven striations across my whole carve, and the striations gradually get more extreme across the project. See pictures. I"m using tapered ball nose bits so I expect the angle of the profile to cut into the piece, but I didn’t expect it to be so severe. It seems like the stepover isn’t being translated correctly? After the cut in the pictures I trammed the machine again to see fi that was the issue, it was not. I created the files pre instructions I’ve seen online. 3D rough one time, then successive 3D Finish cuts with finer and finer bits and finer and finer step-overs down to 10% with a 1/32 tapered ball nose bit.

Also, I’m using this machine with the wall mount. The worsening striations increased on the Y axis. I"m currently making a cut with the piece oriented the oposite way to see if it gets worse depending on the physical limitatins of the machine while wall mounted or an error in the code. To test this I’m running a carve right now with the piece oriented in the opposite direction. I’ll follow up with results.