Carbide Create G-code June 30, 2023 no longer works

Any one find a way around converting Carbide Create C2D to G-code?
I use to go to this web link Extract GCode from Carbide Create V7 and upload the C2D file and convert it.
Now I get this message NOTE: This page will be limited to use by owners of Carbide 3D machines starting on June 30, 2023. If you have any questions, please contact support. which will cost money to do so.

I have not found any other free converters for g-code.

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I am in the same situation and extremely frustrated at Carbide. Maybe there is a workaround with Fusion 360.

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Use Carbide Create 5 or 6. Found out the same thing today. You can design in 7 then export SVG and import it into an older version and then make the tool paths.

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Umm, you could always you know, pay for the software?

Kind of like complaining the GM dealership won’t give you free oil changes for your Ford.

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Thanks Dash for the recommendation. For anyone who runs in this problem you can download Carbide Create v6 at

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I’m frustrated at Carbide because a service they previously offered for free is now a paid service without any notice. People make time and effort learning software with the expectation the workflow they go with will not change.

Unless GM offered free oil changes for Ford cars at one point that’s a bad analogy.

You’re free to run every older version of the app. The versions you made time to learn.

Just realize that Carbide Create is value-add software to benefit Carbide hardware sales. You’ve gotten and can continue to get a free ride by running version 6.

They finally made the smart decision to restrict that export feature to their paid version - their extremely low-priced paid version I might add.

So what I’m getting here is nothing but entitlement.

If you’re unhappy with Carbide, feel free to use the CAD/CAM software that Onefinity publish for their customers.

Many of us that us Carbide Create found the V6 allows you to save gCode (button) in the Toolpaths tab(without purchasing CarbidePro). Also you can save just as gCode in Carbide Motion.