New user, software suggestions

So I just bought the x50 32x32 and am curious what everybody is using for software. What are the top free ones out there and if I need to buy one, what is one that isn’t too expensive? Thanks

Hey Scott,
Welcome to the 1F forum. If you want to subscribe and pay monthly for Carveco Maker, it is $15.00 US per month.
I received my Journeyman about a month ago and have been using Maker
for my projects.
Congrats on your purchase! You will be impressed.



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I started with Carbide Create, which is free. It’s not bad and it’s free.

After a while and a few sales, I switched to VCarve Pro. I know you said not too expensive. It’s expensive. However, it is totally worth it! I am not a proponent of expensive software, this is by far the most expensive software I have purchased. But it is truly amazing.

Save up some money and someday when you can, VCarve Pro.

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