Fusion 360 Post Processor (Download Links Included)

Updated: 1/18/2021

This is the post processor for Autodesk Fusion 360.
onefinity_fusion360.cps (51.6 KB)

Please refer to this link on how to install it:


Is there a change log or enhancement list?

This corrects the small circles issue.

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Here is a modification to the post that includes a spindle delay parameter that will pause the gcode while your spindle spins up.

onefinity_fusion360.cps (52.3 KB)


I’m new to all of this and decided that I would try to learn the Fusion 360 software side before making the purchase of the Onefinity unit. I found and loaded the post processor just fine. But I don’t see the Onefinity list as a machine under the Manufacturing/Milling/Setup/Machine tab. What machine is everyone using? This seems like a rather important piece of the puzzle that is missing and I’m wondering if this is one reason there seems to be so many problems getting accurate results produced when using Fusion 360 and the Onefinity unit.



Like I said I’m new to all this…But based on what I see in Fusion 360, you have to select the Machine type in the Milling Setup menu and then select the supporting post processor in the NC Programs menu . I loaded the Onefinity Post processor but I don’t see the machine listed. What specific machine are Fusion 360 users selecting?Fusion360 pic1.pdf (406.5 KB) Fusion360 pic2.pdf (134.9 KB)

see the above link on how to install it to show up.

Well I guess I am still misunderstanding the process. I did follow the instructions which loaded the cps file and it shows up in the Manufacture / Actions / Post Process Dialog box (see attached screenshot I). The issue I am trying to resolve is not Post Processor selection…its the MACHINE selection. In the latest release of Fusion 360 (Personal-Not for Commerical Use) version 2.0.9642 / macOS 10.16.0. Under Manufacture, the first category is Milling and I select Setup, then I select New Setup from the drop down and the very first question is Machine - this is where I do not find Onefinity listed. Are you saying that by loading the infinity_fusion360.cps file that it should populate both the Machine and the Post Processor? If that’s the case something is not loading correctly for me. But if everyone is selecting say, Autodesk Generic 3-axis as the machine then OK, that would answer my question. But if Onefinity is suppose to be listed as a MACHINE then I’m still lost.

Again, I’m just trying to figure out the correct Machine selection, not the post processor. Sorry to drag this out but I’m completely new to this. This reminds me of the days when we use to select HP Laser Jet 5 as the print driver even if we had a different brand laser printer… is this the same kind of thing, should I select a generic 3-axis machine?

Screenshot I shows fusion360.cps loaded

Screenshot II shows what is available for MACHINE selection. Note nothing loaded in Local and Onefinity is not listed in Fusion360 Library.

I must be missing something very basic here.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

I noticed this question being asked in the Autodesk community forum and it received one response which stated machine selection is not critical for a 3 axis CNC. See link below for details of the question and answer - unless it was you that asked the question (-:

Yes, that was me. The Fusion 360 forum respondent’s position was that since Onefinity is a 3 axis router, that machine selection is not required. I was hoping someone from Onefinity could validate this is indeed true…that there is nothing unique about the Onefinity machine relevant to how the Fusion 360 software will interact with it.

I can confirm, the machine selection in Fusion 360 plays no part in your current workflow. This was added more as a time-saving step, if you have multiple machines and it’d expedite the setup/post-process time for those machines, as well for slicing on 3D printers. You CAN create a machine if you care to, but for your needs, it is not needed.

If you care to learn more about this feature I think it’s covered in John Saunders (NYC CNC) video here: Using NC Programs in Fusion 360: Save Time and Build Smarter Workflows - YouTube

The changelist is posted on Autodesk’s site along with the post-processor (linked above) - Post Library for Autodesk Fusion 360 | Autodesk Fusion 360

Question, does this post-processor not ask to change bits like the buildbotics? Also, it does not ask to probe z to start.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I followed you directions and it was easy. Took about 5 min.
Thanks again. now if my current was easy…

I am still unable to figure this out.

@stradibarrius98765can you share what worked for you, appreciate it. Thanks

@blaghislain where did you download the Onefinity Woodworker.machine file from?

I created myself to help people with fusion360. I contacted @OnefinityCNC and asked them to publish but they asked me to do a pull request directly from github.

That’s what I did 6 MOUNTS AGO but @OnefinityCNC did not look at it yet.

All the links in the new document are set to match original github site. So for now the only way to get all the files is from my GitHub