Fusion 360 Post Process file for OneFinity


Has anyone seen or know if there is a Fusion 360 Post Processor file for Onefinity yet? If not will there by by the time of launch?

Just getting the ducks in row before Santa comes. :slight_smile:


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We will have a page with them on our site once the machines start shipping.


Great news… Thank you!

I really hope someone does a Fusion360 cam tutorial for complete idiots because I do great in the modeling environment but go full stupid when trying to figure out the cam environment.


I do not endorse nor know these folks, but I personally found both of these videos pretty useful and informative. :thinking: Second video is a bit more technical, but talks about the Post Processing more.

Hope it helps:


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Im also a CAM noob, but have been learning as I wait for the machine to arrive. Buildbotics has a fusion post processor on their website (I downloaded from GitHub) that works well. They also have a simulation environment on the web where you can try out the controller software. I’ve successfully posted gcode from fusion and cut it with the Buildbotics sim. Play around with it to become familiar. Like the video above, I have found Lars Christensen very helpful as a teacher.

I have had trouble with the controller Sim pausing and hanging when it pauses for a toolchange, though. Is it normal (on manual tool change machines) to run each cutting operation as a separate gcode program?
Is there a reason to do it that way instead of having all operations as one program?
I’ve looked into writing custom gcode To pause for manual tool changes, and then performing a ‘touch off’ zero of the new tool Z at a fixed place on the machine before resuming the next operation. It’s definitely possible: It would be neat if it were included as a standard part of the control software- or as an option in the post-processor.

Machines are shipping! I’ve got mine in hand, and would like to start cutting (from Fusion 360).

@OnefinityCNC what’s the status on the post processors? should we use the ones from Buildbotics in the meantime?


@Markevans36301 - this might help, but I’ll admit a more detailed deep dive into the settings is warranted. I’m happy to do another video if there is a demand:


Lars’ video was REALLLY helpful as a primer. Thanks so much for sharing.

what’s the status on the post processor for Fusion 360? I have my machine ready to go but just missing out on the post processor.

we’re just waiting for fusion to get back to use with the finalized version. for now, you can use the buildbotics one that is posted on the facebook group.

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I’ve been using the buildbotics post processor and it works just fine. I downloaded it off the files tab on the unofficial Onefinity FB page!

Any word from Fusion on the Post Process or for 360? I tried adding the .cps file from the Buildbotics github repo and it said its an “invalid file”

Still waiting on Fusion. I think their changes to the free version has taken over resources in the company away from doing things like our PP.

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Thanks… keep us posted, hopefully now with things settled down they will get to it soon. :slight_smile:

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I was able to get the one in the Facebook page working on the Unofficial FB group, so I have something that Fusion360 will at least let me play with.

Hey, @OnefinityCNC, any update on this? Maybe I missed something but the last you posted on this was on Oct 7th. Any new news?

99.9% sure the generic GBRL or Carbide post will work – it’s just gcode after all.


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You can add it from Fusion 360. See picture


How’s the OneFinity Fusion 360 Post Processor coming along? I wasn’t able to find it. Did I miss it or is it not posted yet?