Post processing question

I don’t see the one Finity post processing for either a fusion 360 or veteran 6V car desktop I don’t know which one to use until I find it oneFinity PP

Is this what you are looking for:

I guess what I need to know is where do I get the one Finity post processing file and where do I put it?

Thank you

If you are asking about finding the 1F PP in F360, and where to put it the program, the instructions are shared in the thread of the forum post I linked.

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Thank you for the information and the suggestions very appreciated.


They have tutorials on you tube I think of people using fusion 360 and 1F I will try it eventually. Even if
they dont, with minor g-code editing you can run on any machine. The only difference in the code is certain machines will require certain start g-codes and end…thats it. everything else is all standard inbetween. The g-code is a text file so its easy to edit. Either way I know you can do it. Hope that helps. I just spoke with owner of 1F on Friday. He called me personally because I have a y rail problem and he wanted to step in and help me himself. It’s a good company. I wouldnt hesitate at all if purchasing a 1F

Thank you for getting back to me I appreciate that, I have been getting suggestions from both Vectrics and OneFinity I still haven’t got PP loaded, I think I was able to obtain the post processing file from OneFinity but I haven’t been able to try on my machine yet.
Thank You