Fusion 360 - another post-processor update for spindles

I “hacked” a change to my Fusion 360 post-processor, to automatically put a pause after tool change:

M0 (MSG, Wait for Spindle!)

This matches the experience with V-Carve. I see someone else created a version that puts in a delay - I like the manual intervention that this provides. I got tired of hand-editing all the gcode files to put a pause in, so updated the post-processor to do it for me!

There are 2 places in the post-processor where the spindle is started, search for “writeBlock(sOutput.format(spindleSpeed”

Put this line of code in immediately following the line above:
writeBlock(“M0 (MSG, Wait for Spindle)”);

Here’s my modified .cps file. All my changes are marked by a //MDH comment:
onefinity.cps (52.7 KB)

Create a backup first! And please test - this works for me, but your experience may be different.


Thanks Mike - can you do this in the OF interface? I thought there was a section to put in custom code during a tool change?

Regardless, seems like a great feature - how can we get these changes rolled into the official baseline? I now have 4 different CPS files for the OF.


I see the post-processor is in the github repository, I’ll clean this up to work for everyone (with or without spindles) and see if I can get this officially updated.

OK, I submitted a pull request with a consolidated Fusion 360 post-processor that allows both a delay and/or a pause, to be inserted into the g-code. Both options show up in Fusion, allowing end-user control over them.

I’ve not done this before so hopefully I didn’t break anything. The OneFinity admins will need to review and accept my proposed changes.

Here’s the file:
onefinity.cps (51.9 KB)


Please dont take this as a negative feedback.

I’m happy to see that there are contributer like you that get involve and act to get the Onefinity Post Processor Evolve.

That said, I did some review and wanted to give you my though and suggestion

  • The baseline used to create your revision seem to be ‘$Revision: 43008’.
    This is an old revision that do not take in account Autodesk and Buildbotics changes and since onefinity post processor inherits from them this will eventually be a problem.
    Autodesk last revison for onefinity is 43242 (but also need adjustment as Onefinity support asked everybody to enable UseCircularInterpolation).

  • Lack of UseCircularInterpolation property definition (it’s part of last autodesk 43242)

  • New property ‘spindleDelay’ with default value of 0 second. Good idea. User can ajust if needed only.

  • New property ‘spindlePause’ with default ‘true’ value. Good idea but the default value should be ‘false’ because this is a specific need that differ from common post processor and also most VFD spindle user will not use it. User can ajust if needed only.

  • Syntax error found at line 582 (missing ; at the end of writeBlock sentence)

  • Duplicated block line 583-589 should be removed as they appear where is suppose to at line 698-704. (Edit 2021-04-21 Finally lines mandatory)

  • Need to update syntax to use the new property definitions implemented by autodesk.

  • Default value of UseCircularInterpolation set to true in order to enable arc circular movement instead of linear circular movement.

  • File in your post was not usable on my system because it has unix carriage return.

I did ajust v43242 and apply suggested change.
Here is the file (EDIT 2021-04-30) onefinity_fusion360-v43242B.cps (53.0 KB) (upload://j0eL8LLaVbdVRAKjUh0KMnNtIyQ.cps) (52.8 KB)

Note: The need to use ‘spindleDelay’ and ‘spindlePause’ is less pertinent for HY Huanyand spindle user in particular for those who set PD014 SET 1.5 – DEFINE ACCELATI0N TIME TO 1.5 SECOND (default was 10).



No problem! I’m new to all of this, and glad at least some of what I put together was useful. Not sure how I started with an older version, but I’m glad you were able to get everything pulled together correctly.

I’ve seen recommendations to keep the spindle acceleration time to no shorter than 8 seconds. Personally, I’d rather have this extra step in there than have a race condition on timing of the spindle ramp-up.

Thanks for your help.


This new version works great – thanks for the collaboration!


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I’ve been following this post. I’m just getting my machine up and running and was checking for an updated F360 PP. In the library for both OneFinity and Buildbotics, the version # has changed to 43190 for some reason. I checked and there are no code differences other than line 6&7 for $Revision & $Date. Just FYI

Thanks for the info. In fact they seem to have deleted 43194 and 43242 that were publish 2021-03-30 and 2021-04-29. The code stay the same.

couple of things:

  • F360 has a new version 43338 which does something with ABC parameters - don’t know what this is about but it does not impact me so …
  • line 643 in onefinity_fusion360-v43242B.cps reads
    writeBlock(sOutput.format(4), pFormat.format(getProperty(“spindleDelay”)));
    but I think it should be
    so it does not set the speed to 4

After everything had been working perfectly with my OF, I noticed an odd behavior tonight, where the spindle started and the progress bar on the OF web interface showed progress, but the spindle never moved. Upon digging further, I discovered that F360 had released version 43340 of their PP at 5:40pm this evening (see attached screenshot), just minutes before I went to perform a simple cut. Is anyone else having issues with this F360 PP? OF F360 PP version

I’m using the “community” edition - so I haven’t been affected by this. I did look at the output - the .nc file that contains the G-code - and I didn’t see any material differences in the generated G-code between the community edition, and this current edition. Certainly, nothing that would cause the behavior you described.

Here’s what the beginning of the g-code looks like for me:

(T3 D=0.125 CR=0 - ZMIN=0 - FLAT END MILL)
N10 G90 G94 G17 G91.1
N15 G20
N20 G53 G0 Z0

N25 S16000 M3

The file you generated should look similar to this - obviously a different tool number, and initial spindle speed, but I think the rest is standard.

I can try tomorrow to run a file produced by the new post-processor to see if I can replicate what you saw.

@MikeH, thanks for the reply and this is all on me as I made a rookie mistake. I had injected a new line of code (G4 P10000) to allow my spindle to get up to speed prior to making the first move, and I forgot that the Buildbotics controller has units of seconds, and not milliseconds, on the dwell time parameter. Therefore, the behavior I observed was because I thought the spindle would dwell for 10 seconds, but it was actually trying to pause for 10,000 seconds (i.e., almost 3 hours) :wink:


Glad you got it resolved! I put in a message: “M0 (MSG, Wait for Spindle)” as my way of handling this.

The “community edition” post processor above allows you to either put in a delay or a message, as you see fit, and have it automatically placed in the g-code file. No more forgetting to edit the g-code file before running your job!

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Well, that settles it, I’ll go install the ‘community’ PP right away. Thanks for the input!

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@MikeH, I’ve been using your community edition PP, but I keep running into the same issue with regard to the spindle delay. For some reason, the S4 command doesn’t elicit a pause on my OF to allow the spindle to get up to speed. However, if I change that S4, which was generated by the sOutput command in your PP, the sequence runs just fine. Can you help me understand why this is occurring? I suspect I could change the PP to use a gOutput command instead, but I’ve just been manually editing each gcode file for now.

in the post processor, change “sOutput.format(4)” to “gOutput.format(4)”

I believe this has been corrected in the latest version.


This was fix. Install later

Thanks, I’ve installed the new version and everything is working again. I appreciate the feedback here.

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Hey all,

I’ve been hunting down this problem and solution. This is pretty old but looks ideal. Does this have to be updated to work with 1.3 firmware? Thanks!!