Fusion 360 post processor edit for spindle acceleration time

Can someone tell me the edits required in the Onefinity post processor (v43838) the will cause a delay in the gcode execution in order to allow time for a spindle to reach the set speed?

I apologize in advance if this has been covered, but I have searched and cannot find anything that works.

Currently I have everything working in that the spindle starts/stops, the speed is set, the extractor turns on/off and the cooling pump runs all from what is posted from Fusion 360. My issue is the spindle makes contact with the workpiece before it is up to speed.

Thanks in advance - David

Warning: I have not had time to test this. So try it at your own risk.

This is taken from the Fusion 360 postproccessor training guide:
Fusion 360 post training guide

Find this area:


Add onDwell like this:

onDwell(1.0); // dwell 1 second after turning on

Change the 1.0 to how many seconds you want.

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When I post code, there’s a pop-up screen that comes up and an option to check a box and input a spindle dwell time. Did that go away?? Not sure what post version I have, so maybe not useful info, but I swear you can input that directly when you’re naming the file, changing post settings, etc… in the pop-up after you hit “post process”. I think it’s listed under “post properties” or something? Need to check. Having posted new code in a while, which is very sad news!
I had been using 4 seconds, which felt like too long for my air cooled spindle. Probably would go for 2 or 3 now.

In Fusion 360 manufacturing create an NCProgram. You can then edit the program to add spindle pause until a pop up is clicked or for a set period of time. See image which is from the internet as i’m not near my machine.



Sorry for the delay all - I went traveling and then had a death in the family.

Thanks Chris, but that didn’t work for me.

And I also don’t get a spindle pause option when I go to post process.

Hmm! Let me check my set up, it’ll be a day or two

Gawd, I love it if I could add this pause in Fusion 360 as it would be independent of 1F and software updates, etc. Any update on this??

@jfleser check the fusion community version in the Fusion 360 section It add Fusion 360 Features for Spindle Delay and Spindle Pause.

Hey David, did you ever get this resolved? If so, what did you do?