Spindle Question

Just placed an order for a Woodworker and have a spindle question. I’m going to do either a 110v 800w or a 220v 2.2kw spindle. If I use the break out board to control the spindle through the Onefinity controller…two questions:

  1. Can I control the spindle speed on the fly? In other words, can I increase/decrease RPM through the controller when a gcode is in progress?

  2. Does the Onefinity controller allow adequate time for the spindle to spin up to full RPM before initiating the cut sequence? Consider in initial startup, tool changes, pausing the run, etc

Thanks in advance!

  1. No there is no way currently to adjust the speed with the controller.
  2. Using the Onefinity post processor, it will put a pause box after starting the cut. You can click continue after your spindle comes up to speed
  1. No, when you give over control of the VFD to modbus, it disables the manual control. One of the most requested feature (check in the feature request section on this forum) of the software, apparently available on other brands, is the ability to change spindle speed and feed rate on the fly through the touchscreen. I know I would use it if available.
  2. Further on spindle speed up - there is a 1F post processor for Fusion360 to download in the forums somewhere that includes a small delay for a spindle to spin up, but you have to also change the default 10sec spin up time to 2sec (a “PD” value) if you are using a Huanyang VFD. With the post processor it draws the Z axis up, spins up for a few seconds and then goes to first plunge point. Works great, if, unlike me, you remember to turn on the spindle in the first place.
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Thanks for the info. Might just stick to operating via the VFD to start with.

There’s a post-processor for Fusion360 that has a pause option for a spindle - so you get a message box to click once your spindle is up to speed. You can find the post-processor here: Fusion 360 - another post-processor update for spindles - #5 by blaghislain