How To Install A CNC Spindle - Part 2 - Wiring To The Controller ((always have a licensed electrician perform electrical services))


Great video, thank you.

This spindle takes quite some time to get up to speed. I assume the Onefinity controller is turning on the spindle and you don’t have to do this manually before starting a cut. Will the Onefinity controller wait until it reaches the set speed to begin cutting, or is it possible to start cutting before the speed is reached?

I’ve since found out you can change how long it takes to spin up on the vfd, i set it to get to speed in like 15 seconds now. The onefinity pops up and says, push continue when spindle is up to speed.

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Thanks. Is that something built in to the controller software, or something you add to the gcode?

its a setting on the VFD, not the software or the gcode. It’s one of the P settings.

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Since you are using the serial port on the breakout board of the Onefinity, do you know if that will take away from potential future upgrades like the laser or touch probe? Is the wiring diagram of the breakout board included for the controller?

it will not. the laser and probe have their own dedicated ports.