YL 620 A VFD RS 485 Connection

Hi Guys I got a YL 620A VFD, I configured both OF Controller and VFD per instructions on OF and hooked up the RS485 A&B however it still doesnt run on Gcode.

I run it manually via the LCD panel and its ok.
But I want to run it automatically. Any suggestions what else to do?

The YL 620A has a 3rd wire (COM) do I need to connect this somewhere? to ground?

I’m stuck with the same one I’m giving up and buying something else just don’t know what yet

Not sure if this will help you guys but I saw this a while back and bookmarked it.

I just got the YL-620A working. Plug into the JST-XH pictured here https://forum.linuxcnc.org/24-hal-components/39128-yalang-yl620-vfd-rs485-modbus-communicaiton?start=0 but note that the A and B wires are reversed from what is shown on the VFD (i.e. the A wire is actually on the left). I connected COM on the VFD to GND on the OF controller. Also, you may have to set P00.03 to 1 on the VFD if you don’t have a braking resistor to prevent an error 1 when decelerating.

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Thank you, I will try this.