Creating a file in Inventables Easel

It’s a bit confusing to Onefinity users that use Easel as the CAD program. Onefinity has a ‘smart’ controller. You will NEVER directly connect your computer to the Onefinity controller or need to download any ‘drivers’. Inventables has a ‘dumb’ controller that REQUIRES the computer/easel to be connected to their controller at all times. This requires ‘drivers’ to be downloaded for xcarve users. Onefinity users should NEVER download the drivers as you will not use them.

It’s a bit confusing, as it looks like you need to install drivers and connect a usb to use easel with the onefinity, but that is not the case.
Here’s what it looks like when you click ‘machine’. Notice, you will only every use ‘general settings’ to export your gcode to the onefinity (by usb drive or local network).
Set up new machine can be avoided for Onefinity users.

If you CHOOSE to click ‘set up new machine’ anyways, you’ll be presented with this screen. Onefinity users would choose 'other (3rd party machines).

Next up, you’re presented with this ‘download for windows/mac’ easel driver. Again, this will NEVER be used on the Onefinity.

However, if you choose to (or already have) download the driver, once installed, you’ll be presented with this screen. You’ll leave the ‘machine type’ as other (grbl), ‘make’ to Onefinity, and ‘model’ to whatever size Onefinity machine you have. Once done, click confirm settings.

Once again, nothing done from the above steps will have any affect on your Onefinity. The ONLY thing that will happen is the workplane grid will now be sized to whatever model type you choose.

Since the Onefinity controller is a computer itself, you cannot directly connect it to a computer via usb.

Once you click ‘export’ in easel, it will save (somewhere) on your computer. You will need to move that downloaded gcode file to a usb stick. The link below will help explain how to do so:

They update frequently, so this video shows the newer ‘export gcode’ process.

Inventables has clarified how to use the Onefinity and Easel on their site: