Easel 3rd party machine

This is for you easel folks out there. I am trying to add my OF as a new machine to easel. I walk through the steps until it tells me to plug in the usb to the machine. (I forget the exact phrase used) Where would I do that? One of the USB ports on the black box?

No, you will not ever directly connect a computer to the controller. The controller itself is a computer and you cannot directly connect a computer to a computer via usb. Easel is walking you through the steps to connect to an xcarve.
Just skip that step and export easel gcode to a usb stick.

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Only xcarve machines would directly connect. Xcarve is made by inventables who makes easel, so this is reasonable.
We are also their direct competitor, so I doubt they care much about supporting our machine.


Any grbl based controller can be controlled by the X-Controller, not just the X-Carve. Their “support” for Onefinity is surely because you can download the gcode from Easel. You just need to export the gcode, then import it into the OF controller.

As for Easel having a machine setup for OF, I think you can use the X-Carve XXL and the boundaries are similar enough.


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I looked at the video on line about setting the OF with easel. The only thing that easel does for the OF configuration was to give me a larger play area than the default 3018.