X box controller

Hi brand new to the forum i am a 2 year old user of x-carve from inventables never had any trouble with my machine at all but being a retired machinist i really like the quality of the Onefinity machine my question if i buy the Onefinty machine can i use the x-box controller to run the Onefinity machine with the inventables Easel program it appears that the stepper motors are the same or am i mistaken Thanks for any info Dennis

You can’t control the Onefinity with Easel as you do with the xcarve. However, You can design and create gcodes files on Easel and then download them and put them in the Onefinity’s controller, and cut them. Inventables and Onefinity are competitors and I don’t think that Inventables is going to let Onefinity use their program to control their machines. In other words, unlike Inventables, Onefinity does not have its own program to design. You need to design and create the gcodes somewhere else. I hope that makes sense!!