1F controller box (yellow screen popup) says cant locate port

I keep getting a message on the yellow screen from the controller that says it cannot locate the port. This happens every time I click on CARVE.
Does my computer have to be plugged in via USB to the black box controller?
I have a wifi hookup.
The black box does show that I am hooked up to the Internet and my computer is online also. I’m using easel software, just started my 30 day free trial has anyone else had this problem?

Hey Ross,

Of course not. All Onefinity CNC Controllers are stand-alone CNC controllers. The Onefinity Controllers are not USB devices, but USB hosts.

Besides its CAD/CAM capability, Easel is a software to physically control a CNC machine hardware. This is what you don’t need with a Onefinity CNC machine, as they are stand-alone CNC controllers that already have the computer with the physical CNC control software integrated.

What you need, is just a g-code file that contains the toolpath you want to mill. What you need, is a USB storage media like a flash thumb drive, with a g-code file on it that you created with CAD/CAM software.

You can operate the User Interface of the (buildbotics-based) Standard Series Onefinity Controller either on a HDMI monitor connected to the CNC controller (with either Touch display functionality of the monitor, or with normal keyboard/mouse to operate it), OR by connecting a remote computer via Ethernet or WiFi. In this case you need to open a web browser of your choice on the remote computer and enter either the IP address shown on HDMI display on the CNC controller into the browser’s URL bar, or simply “onefinity.local” if your remote computer supports zeroconf (is usually the case on all operating systems), and you will have the same User Interface remotely.

On Onefinity Elite Series, which has a Masso G3 Touch CNC controller, you have only the Touch Screen Interface with the User Interface on it to operate it.

On both Onefinity CNC machine variants, you simply stick the USB drive with your G-code file into a free USB port of the CNC controller, and it will find the file, so that you can mill it.

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Thanks Aiph5u, I couldn’t see why I would have to be plugged into The controller from the computer, but I thought possibly I had missed something somewhere. It’s been a couple days since I’ve had a chance to get back to my machine but I plan to tomorrow and will follow your instructions provided. Thanks again and I will keep you posted, Ross.