1F CNC to computer drag and drop files with Easel?

I wan to set up my new OneFinity CNC so that its a folder on my computer/network so that i can drag and drop files into it. I already hooked up the CNC Raspberry Pi to ethernet and can see it appear on my router network, but i can’t see any folder in the network on my laptop. I’ll be using Easel Pro and i’m a newbie. Can anyone help me with this?

save gcode to desktop. while your internet browser is opened to the onefinity controller, click open file, navigate to the gcode you’ve saved earlier to the desktop, and click open.

thanks. i just figured out that i can type my 1F cnc ip address into a browser to do that. Great. thanks a lot.

You should also be able to use “http://onefinity.local” to always find the 1F on the network.

If you’re familiar with linux, and getting Windows pc’s talking to a linux box, there are ways to either transfer files (via SFTP), or use Windows networking (SMB shares) to do direct data transfers.

But, I just use the browser interface, and keep my files on the laptop as my library (safely backed up!).

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Thanks mike, that quick tip on how to find the onefinity quickly on my network is very handy. One click and I’m there.

I’m trying it now. I saved the code file on my desktop/network. I know now how to open the 1F controller on my internet browser. But…. I cannot locate “open file” on the controller.

I clicked on the “box” at the top left but i see no choice in the menus for open file. As soon as i find this i can then hopefully open my gcode file on my CNC controller.

This will show you what all the buttons do: https://276de75e-feff-4209-8538-25071949b13c.filesusr.com/ugd/1cee9f_bed246d0462e443ab8f782f2384d4ddb.pdf

File upload on the tab pane.

Thank you. I couldn’t find the file button because it was out of my view, I just had to scroll down. Thanks for the link I read this yesterday after boggling my mind on where the button was.

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Hi Michael - http://onefinity.local only works if you are on the same subnet, or your router supports broadcast across VLANs. I acknowledge most people don’t have that situation, but for those that do, be advised.


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