Onefinity without touch screen

Can the Onefinity be run directly from a laptop without the touch screen? I have the Journeyman and I have Easel pro. Is there anyway to make this combination work without the touch screen?

This may be of some help.

Connecting your Onefininty CNC to a Laptop (no touchscreen present)

Please note: Before you start please make sure wifi is turned off in your laptop (as you will be using an ethernet cable)

  1. Make sure that the emergency stop is disengaged/disabled

    1a. If this is a brand new machine you will need to turn the emergency stop to get it to “pop-up” out if it’s stored position during shipping

  2. Connect up the included power cable to the 1F controller

  3. Connect up an ethernet cable with one end plugged into the 1F controller and the other connected to a laptop

  4. Turn on the power switch to the 1F controller and make sure the laptop is powered up to an available desktop view.

      4a.  You should be able to visually see lights on the ethernet port of the 1F controller and laptop at this point.
  5. Open up a web browser on the laptop and navigate to http://OneFinity.local Important note: Ensure WiFi is turned off in your laptop.

  6. This should now provide local based access to your 1F allowing control without a touchscreen.

For more info please check out this video: Access OneFinity CNC without screen connected - YouTube

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Thank you this was very helpful. Is there any way to get it to communicate with Easel Pro?

I don’t think it will connect directly to software but you can send the files to controller.

I am seeing an available upgrade to V1.0.9 but it is asking for a password. Do you happen to know what the default is? I haven’t put any passwords in that I know of.

Hey Ed!
The password is onefinity or buildbotics.
They have them listed with the update instructions.



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I would like th z axis to go up at the beginning and end of the program. I think this can be done in the program start and program end but I have no idea what g-code to write to make this happen. I want to do this so that I minimize crashes.