Touchscreen laptop vs monitor

hello, new into the game here and trying to figure out if a laptop and touchscreen monitor are necessary? can i use only a touch screen lap top for design and troubleshooting? thanks for the help.

If you connect the Onefinity to a network you can control it from your laptop or computer the same way you would from the directly connected touch screen. I typically use my computer to load programs but then control the Onefinity from the touch screen for zeroing the machine and running the programs.

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Hello Stephen - you do not need a computer tethered to the OF to operate it like most other hobby level CNC machines - the controller has a built in computer in the form of a Raspberry Pi. Additionally, you do not need a monitor to run the OF; you can connect it to your network and visualize on your computer (assuming you know the IP address of your controller). Some folks (myself included) have issues with WIFI connecting reliable due to the metal enclosure though. YMMV. I happen to use both a touch monitor near the machine, and a computer to upload new gcode.


Until I figure out how to mount a network drive to the 1F controller, I find I have to use a computer to load/download files from a network location. The load/download button on the controller only accesses local and USB files, while the same buttons when used from a laptop only access resources available to the laptop and not the local USB device. The GCODE preview also only seems to work on a laptop browser.

@Tuvix72 - there was a thread a while back about replacing the upload location with a shared drive mount point. Drop the file into the shared drive and it automatically shows up on the controller.

As for preview, yep, the RPI does not render the gcode like a normal computer does.



Hello, I’m setting up my Onenfinity machine. I just learned that the Angel 12.1 POS monitor I bought will not work with the F1 controller Raspberry Pi3 OS. So now I am looking at using my laptop with touchscreen. You said this will work if one sets ups a network. Does this mean a WIFI network? Thanks.

Could be a wifi network or using the 10/100 Ethernet connection. Many people report issues with the internal wifi staying connected and some have moved to using an external wifi adapter in the USB port or a wifi extender near the controller for better stability. I use the Ethernet connection and have no issues with it, never tried the wifi personally.

That’s unfortunate because it really did look like a nice, economical alternative. Thanks for letting us know this.

Hey Chris,

you might be interested in this:

You can choose. WiFi is without wire. Ethernet is with wire. You need only one of both. Ethernet is preferable in EMI-rich environments like workshops with electric tools.

I have my controller hardwired to my local network via an Ethernet switch in my garage out of concerns for low WiFi signal strength, EMI, etc. as it’s all shoved into a cabinet beneath the machine. But the Chromebook I use for the web interface is on the local network WiFi and I have had zero issues. Of course, this may depend on your own environment and the location of WiFi access points.

Just making the point that you can mix and match connection types to best fit your needs, so long as everything is on the same internal network.