Using a computer

If I use a computer do I still need a separate monitor to run the x50

If you are using a laptop then the answer is no, but if you are planning on using a desktop PC you will need a monitor/screen.

ok thanks. yes i need a new laptop anyway so kill 2 birds with one stone. I’ll have to see what 1f says about system requirements

I use only the laptop, I don’t have a screen on the CNC controller. The one catch is you don’t have access to the boot up messages of the controller if something goes wrong. The laptop only gives you access to the web interface that requires the controller to boot up properly. You may also have access to the command line through SSH if something goes wrong but it still boots. Worst case scenario, I can go grab a monitor from a computer and connect it to the CNC controller if I need to for problem solving. So far I haven’t had to.

One thing to consider is whether you want the touch screen controls vs a touchpad on many laptops.

I use an all-in-one HP computer. Other brands are available. It has a touch screen and you can add keyboard/mouse if you like, and have space.
Somewhere on youtube I’ve seen someone build a swing out arm to mount a larger display on their cnc stand.

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so there’s no advantage in using the monitor from 1f as in how the machine operates

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Don’t misunderstand the posts… You can operate the cnc remotely using another web I yerface on a phone, tablet, laptop, desktop etc… However that assumes it is on your network and you either know the ip address or name resolution is working. You can connect any hdmi monitor to the 1f controller and use a keyboard and mouse connected as well to do the initial configuration.

Personally I would fully recommend having an I tegrated monitor/touchscreen. It does not mean you need to use it all the time. I use mine for homing and zeroing… Then do other things from my phone.