Using a laptop to run onefinity

Can the one finity be connected to a laptop. I want to use GCode Sender. What cable, settings

I don’t know that you can hook it up to the lap top. Wireless is a breeze and super easy to load files to OF. You can use a thumb drive as well for sure but as far as the direct connect, I cannot coment.

Just need an ethernet cable. Plug in then turn on controller and then go to your browser of choice and type onefinity.local

I’m curious about conversational connection, wired or wireless, as well. I can live with the “send it a file and then run the file” interface, but with most of my other machines running Smoothies, I’m spoiled to being able to connect on a serial interface and drive them around directly. I’ve heard rumors that CAMotics can directly connect, but I haven’t been able to get it to do anything with the 1F other than “connect” and send a file over either.

If you buy a full machine, it comes with its own controller. So you do not need (and in fact, cannot use) g-code sender on a laptop, the controller replaces g-code sender if you like.

You can however connect to the controller from a laptop and upload files, the user experience will be very similar to g-code sender.

For completeness, you can order a naked machine, where you provide your own software and controller (be warned that the 1F has no limit switches, you most likely will need to provide them). You are then free to use whatever you want but it’s no longer an out-of-the-box experience.

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