Will onefinity work with laptop with xp?

I have an older laptop with windows xp. Will this be compatible with the controller?

Yes. If you want to connect to the controller ( which you don’t have to do ) you will connect using a web browser. I have never heard of any restrictions on which web browser.
You make your NC code on the laptop and send it to the controller by either usb stick or through the web browser connection.
There is a third way to connect using HDMI cable I believe, I have never done it since wireless has worked flawlessly for me. Some others have had trouble with that.

More challenging for you will be finding CAD/CAM software to run on Win XP.

Hope this helps

I was not going to use the laptop for the cad/cam only for the screen, mouse, and keyboard. Will that work?

Here are some helps:
Connecting The Onefinity CNC To A Network
This next one says it connects with HDMI but the writeup is all about ethernet. I have never done this but I’m sure it’s doable.
How To Connect To The Onefinity Controller Without A Screen Directly Connected Via The HDMI
Here is another one on direct connection.
How to directly connect your Onefinity CNC to a computer/laptop (no screen present)

One thing that sold me on the onefinity is there were so many ways to connect to it.

I had to use the onefinity supplied screen at first to get the wifi settings put into the controller. After that I got a wifi extender for my shop and have connected with my laptop ever since.
I use the laptop to load files to the controller mostly. I have never had to use a usb stick yet. Keyboad and mouse work fine, all things on the controller are available to you.
I would not get rid of the 10.8" screen connected to the onefinity though. It is more convenient when you are standing there to work the play/pause button. ( it is not nice for typing on though )

Hope these help.

Thanks, I think you helped.