Help! (hand holding) Grand Juntion, CO

I am a fully disabled guy who builds flags. Motorcycle accident 8 years ago, TBI, and recipient of many donations. I just want to fill everyone in about what you are dealing with. Last year a friend of a friend passed from Covid and his wife just didn’t want to deal with his 1f, so my friend had it brought to me. I had been using an XCarve that did ok (most of the time), but I am super excited for the precision and strength of this 1f. I believe I’ve got it mounted correctly (they kinda made this thing stupid proof), but I’m having no luck connecting the controller to anything. I started connecting directly to my desktop (which is how I operate the XCarve), but it was not reading anything from the HDMI. I have really never had a use for the HDMI on this computer (donated so I don’t have specifics) so I got my laptop (donated) hooked up and I am still getting nothing. So that leads me to wonder if it’s something I am missing with the connection. My laptop is not even reading the connection. Just wanting to be able to give back, even if it’s a fraction of what I have recieved.

Hey Eric,

the Onefinity Controller is a stand-alone CNC controller. This means, it is a computer. You don’t need a computer. What you need is a HDMI monitor, a USB keyboard, and a USB mouse. Or a touchscreen. In the Onefinity Controller, there’s a Raspberry Pi inside as the core.

The other way is to control it from remote. For this you need an Ethernet cable which you connect between the Onefinity Controller and the router in your house, or directly to a remote laptop.
On this remote computer or laptop in your network, you open a web browser and enter “onefinity.local” into the address bar. This works if your router or your remote computer has zeroconf properly configured.

The first thing I would try is to attach a HDMI monitor and switch the Onefinity Controller on. You should see the Onefinity Boot screen and then the CONTROL page.

Note that you did not have to assemble the machine by trial and error. You could simply follow the Owner’s manual. There is also a Controller manual under

If you don’t have a HDMI monitor, the instructions to use the Onefinity Controller from remote is here:


Well thank you for holding my hand. I actually got Z working. Made my son smile (not nearly as much as me). On to the next issue. Both the X and Y throw a warning when engaged. About the soft limit.

Hey Eric,

this warning can be safely ignored. It’s only after loading a g-code program of your own that you have to worry about such warnings.

Next step would be to load a g-code program of your own.

Alternatively you can enter G-code commands into the command entry field of the MDI Tab (in the Tabbed Section).