Network direct cabling

Can you hardwire a network cable into the control box and skip the wi/fi?

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you might be interested in this.

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Thanks but this is still through wifi

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how can it be through WiFi if it says “Before you start please make sure wifi is turned off on your computer/laptop (as you will be using an ethernet cable)”?

Because the cable is attaché to a Wi-Fi router in Onefinity’s video

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Well then you have bad luck. If there is a video with a WiFi router, then it is strictly forbidden to read and follow the text:

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Don’t want to tie up my computer. Want to access the controller just like a network wired printer


So, are you asking if you can direct connect the 1F controller to a standard Ethernet router? If so, the answer is still yes. The only real question might be if you need a standard or cross-over Ethernet cable. Am I understanding your question correctly?

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Can you share cause I’m having trouble connecting to my laptop.

Do you have a monitor directly connected to the 1F controller so you can see what IP address it has selected? You will need to have the ethernet cable plugged in on both ends so it detects the electrical connection and assigns an IP address.

yes I have a touch screen

Yes. Just like a printer that has a nic card

Sorry, that question was directed at Sandy. For your issue, what device are you wanting to directly plug the 1F controller into? The most common choices are typically:

  1. Ethernet port on computer (laptop / tower)
  2. Ethernet port on router (like a cisco / TPLink / Linksys / etc.)
  3. Ethernet port on a WiFi router (which is the same as #2 - box just does both #2 and Wifi)
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Ethernet port on AT&T cable modem

OK - So put a cable between it and the 1F controller. Then, in the upper left corner of the screen, you will likely see the assigned IP address (right under the firmware version line). Do you see a 10.x.x.x or 192.x.x.x or 169.x.x.x type address on the screen?

At work now but I figure it will be a 192.168……

Agree. This issue is to ensure that both ends are on the same subnet so they can communicate. So, if you get a on the 1F, the cable modem would need to have the corresponding port set to something like 192.168.10.x. Once they’re on the same subnet, the cable modem should be able to talk to the 1F controller over the wire.

I just tried the direct connect. Had to shutdown and power back up. It then assigned an IP address of 169.254.x.x. My wifi is still up and both the new IP address and the Wifi address show up in the line right under the firmware rev in the upper left side of the 1F screen.

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since the advent of Auto MDI-X in 1998, a crossover cable is no more necessary.

Okay, now I feel old… :slight_smile: