To buy or not to buy the Onefinity?

Trying to make up my mind to buy onefinity, maker made or mega v cnc. The only issue I have is the OF is new and worried about the long term issues. Also, would like to use a spindle in the future. I guess I just need some convincing.

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I have been saving for my first CNC, and having now reached my goal, am ready to purchase. I have been researching options for quite some time, and have decided to purchase the OF Woodworker. Below are some of my reasons, in no particular order:

  1. It fits in my price range for a first hobby CNC - it is competitively priced
  2. It is a Canadian company - I live in Toronto - which has successfully produced other products (i.e., Suckit dust boot) which were well received and supported
  3. Probably the most important thing for me, and the part I would not want to ever upgrade on a CNC, is its design and construction. I prefer not to have belts, wheels, or rack and pinion. Owners frequently comment on the stability of the design.
  4. It comes mostly assembled with very few parts/small parts
  5. I can decide on my own router/spindle/base - which I like as I am not paying for what I do not want or will use
  6. The controller offers a standalone solution, and supports many features/options
  7. I did not find published accuracy/repeatability specs, but did ask forum members, who performed their own tests. The results gave me confidence that this will not be an issue - you can search the forum for those threads
  8. I have been an active member of this forum for a while now, and have found the OF team to be extremely supportive and responsive to questions and concerns, any day, any time. They are very active on the forum. There are also many experienced forum members who also bring a wealth of information and also happily support with troubleshooting
  9. I believe the OF team is spending most waking hours building, testing, and shipping the OF CNCs, but even so, have found time to provide updates to controller software, and have expressed plans to create a 80mm spindle mount (Beta testing has started), which I might upgrade to when available
  10. The electronics can support upgrading the stepper motors - servos would require a new controller if that is a future upgrade that is planned
    These are most of the important factors that went into my final decision, I hope sharing them helps in some way.

From a purely machine-design perspective, you will not find anything more well constructed than the Onefinity, until you get up into commercial-grade machines costing 10x what the Onefinity does. There is nothing ‘new’ about any of the components they’ve put into the Onefinity, and they’ve done a damn fine job of pairing & putting together those components. Do you understand the difference between a machine using little V rollers for linear guidance, and one using 35mm dia. linear rails? It’s literally tinker-toys vs. industrial automation.


There is always risk of the unknown with a new product but based on the design I felt it superior to the known issues/constraints of the other home use/hobby class machines. I want my frustration to be broken bits and bad stock prep not maintenance and parts. The onefinity give you an extremely high caliber piece of equipment, to date, amazing support, and a ton of iteration, innovation and improvement on the platform. Also the controller is not new. Look into buildbotics. They branched that codebase/hardware and are engaged with them.


While you’re browsing this forum, you may find some issues that are related to the 1F being a brand new product, but you’ll find the answers directly from Onefinity in the same thread, if not from multiple owners that quickly resolve these small issues. I think a lot of us current owners were in the same boat - especially those of us that took the preorder leap without any real world information. From newbies to the most seasoned CNCers, the overall reaction upon receipt is “WOW!” It truly is amazing how much machine and support you get from this company. Every single CNC owner that has been by my shop to check it out has immediately begun the process of unloading their current rig to finance a 1F purchase. One thing you won’t find is dissatisfied customers . . . but if you’re the first - you certainly won’t have trouble finding a buyer here! Good luck with your decision.


Thanks for the information. My mind is made up!!