I was an inch away from buying Shapeoko, then

…I found Onefinity “Woodworker” and things got complicated. It is clearly a better machine for me—I build guitars. But I’m worried. Onefinity seems to be a brand new company, what if it goes under? Plus, it’ll be the fall before my machine arrives. Aaaaaagh! What do I do?

I need someone to talk me down.

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I was right there with you on ShapeOko until I found Onefinity. Decided to go with 1F for several reasons and I think the wait would be similar for either machine. Not too worried about Onefinity going under because their parent company has been around for a long time.

While Onefinity is a relatively new machine, the company itself is not new, they’ve been around awhile. I highly doubt they will stop building it anytime soon or go out of business. They’re far too busy, and don’t have time to go out of business, lol.

In a hypothetical situation, I’d take a Onefinity machine even if they were out of business, over an X-Carve or Shapeoko.

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While I hope they don’t fold up shop so what if they do? Most of the machine can be sourced elsewhere. About the only issues would be with questions when it comes to troubleshooting. But with enough people owning them there will be plenty support in a forum.

My problem with machines like the ShapeOko is the track they use with plastic wheels. I can live with belts. But a number of the hobbyist machines look like they are a dated design. Why wouldn’t you want a machine that wasn’t rigid and precise?

I would suggest you keep an eye on the “For Sale or Trade” section of this forum. WoodWorkers have been offered for sale. Problem is they don’t last long before the Sold sign shows-up. So, you could go ahead with your new order, keep an eye on the “Sale” section and sell/cancel the new order or have two WoodWorkers! Good to have options!

I had a similar situation Rob. I was going online to purchase a different machine and took one last look around to see if I had missed anything. I found the 1F and never looked back. I hope the machine lives up to my expectations as I am still waiting for delivery (June 20 ). This forum has been great for seeing the issues that surround the product and the fixes for them.

I have yet to hear anyone say "I wish I would have got the “Shapeoko”. Fact is the Onefinity is the superior machine. Not much to argue there. What you have to ask yourself is are you so impatient that you are willing to go with the inferior machine. I’m not saying that the Shapeoko won’t meet your needs, It obviously has for many people. Nor am I bashing it. After working with my friends Shapeoko I almost purchased one, Until I came across the Onefinity. If the Onefinity didn’t exist I would have one. I opted to wait on the Onefinity and am glad I did. My friend wasn’t so happy with it though because after he came and worked on my Onefinity he opted to order one too and sell his Shapeoko. Now he is on the waiting list. I’m not sure who cuts more on my Onefinity me or him. We are both looking forward to his arriving lol. Anyway it is your choice and the only question you really have to ask yourself is are you patient enough to wait for it.


Patience isn’t really the issue, I have a business. I need to be cutting templates, engraving headstocks, routing body cavities now, not in November. But you’re right, as I said at the top, it clearly is the better machine. At least judging from the videos and this small community of happy users!

Well if you are running in a production type environment then I can tell you the Onefinity is hands down the better machine for you. I would keep an eye on the for sale section as units do come available from time to time. I would also look into the 80mm spindle upgrade. You could always find a used Shapeoko or something to get you by until your Onefinity arrives and then sell it.

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Oh wait…I’m supposed to be talking you down…lol Sorry can’t help with that.

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The ShapeOko has some advantages. The community for one. It’s much bigger because of how long they’ve been around. Chances are you’ll get an answer to a question quicker. For personal use I can wait but for a business where time counts it could be different.

That being said if I was looking for a CNC router to be a major piece in my shop I think I would opt for a more expensive machine, maybe a CamMaster. Things like an ATC spindle and a vacuum holding system would be on my list.

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