Did you switch from a Shapeoko?

Thinking about selling my XXL Shapeoko for a Onfinity.

did you switch? Any regrets? How long did it take you to sell the old machine?


I had a Shapeoko XXL, and yes I switched over to the Onefinity. I really like the machine. I think the Onefinity is a much better machine, faster, more torque and nothing to update like the Shapeoko. So far there are no regrets switching over.
I was able to sell my Shapeoko in about a week after listing the machine on Shapeoko forum.

Good luck deciding to sell yours, but if you do, you will not regret it.


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I use both. 1f is a far better machine, but I needed more than 1 machine to keep up with the volume. I have no complaints.

Switched from Shapeoko 3 xxl
To onefinity woodwork
My Shapeoko went fast,
Immediately happy with onefinity

At little off the topic but, like others here, I got all the way to the ‘buy’ button on an XXL then discovered the 1F!
Waiting is really torture though.


Same here, if the XXL Pro would have been in stock they would have got my money! Instead now is just the long wait til first of may for this beast to arrive!

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I was in the group that almost bought a Shapeoko. But, I heard about the OneFinity and started looking a videos about this machine. There were so many positives that I decided this was the way to go. The wait felt like it would never end. But, when my machine got here I was off and running. It only took a very short time to get it assembled and up and running. I am glad now that I went the way I did. I would hate to be second guessing the assembly on a Shapeoko if something went wrong in a project. So far, any mistakes in a project are a fault of how I laid out the GCode.

The wait is worth the product you are going to receive. It is a great machine.

My progression was Shapeoko 2, to X-Carve XL, to OF Woodworker. There really is no comparison to the Shapeko or X-Carve. Not the Shapeoko 3 or X-Carve Pro.