Screen issues with the Onefinity

Has Onefinity explained or stated why some of there screens provided quit working? I don’t have my machine yet. But you would think, with the number of people having this issue, they would address it. I am going with the ASUS 15.6 touch screen myself. Just wondering.

The percentage of problem screens to # of units shipped is lower than 3%. But, just like all forums/groups, the only people who write anything are the ones with problems.


Glad to hear, I hope it didn’t seem like I was bashing. That was not my intent.

I am so impressed with onefinitycnc. They are so open they share out the stats of this concern
Thank you for your openess

Currently unemployed former process engineer here! Will trade root cause analysis and end of line QC testing design for Onefinity credits :laughing:

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2 months of owning and running. I have not seen this issue your talking about. only grip i have with the screen that it comes with. I have to use my glass’s to read the IP address.