Screen Display Issue

I have been running into an issue lately with my OneFinity that I am hoping someone can help. When starting it, I can see the initial screen when the machine is booting up but then after that the image goes away (see video link below), basically it turns on for a few seconds and no matter what, it will not stay on, I know that it is not the screen itself, because I have tried the original small screen and the same thing happens, I have also connected the bigger screen that I normally use (what you see in the video) to another device and it works perfectly fine. Sometimes, I can just shutdown the power and started it again and it works, other times, no matter what I do, I cannot get the screen to work, regardless of how many times I try to restart it.

Yes, if the IP address has not changed, I can use my computer to remotely operate the machine, but that’s not as convenient as having the touch screen right next to the machine (beside the point that this is a new machine and the screen should work).

Most likely one of the video config files has become corrupted preventing the local display from showing video. Email and we’ll get you squared away.

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Sounds like a plan, I will do so on Monday. Thank you!

Check your email :stuck_out_tongue: We sent it proactivly.

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That fixed the issue, thank you for the information and the proactive email.

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