Onefinity screen just blinking on and off

Hey guys, and gals, new to the forum, I’m having a problem, after three months or so of having the onefinity, which I really love, i spent a lot of time trying to make my choice between tons of them, it came down to the onefinity or the inventables, xcarve, I chose onefinity and have had a few issues. The first issue was totally user based, I had all of my wires linked together which was causing EMI, so the screen was just flickering on and off while cutting, I installed the emi things on the lines and changed the way everything was ran and that fixed it, now out of the blue, I went to turn it on and now the screen just flicks on and off saying “magic dock” on and off, over and over again, I can tell that the onefinity itself is ready to start however I cannot use it becaus eof the screen not displaying anything but the “majic dock thing” Any help would be much appreciated.