New machine blinking screen (solved, ensure screen is plugged into wall power)

After months of anticipation I finally got my machine. I’m done setting it up and tonight was going to be our first date. I powered the machine up and immediately got a blinking screen. I switched wires, unplugged wires powered it on and off waited 30 seconds a minute. I did all I know how to do. Can anyone lend some help please.

Hey Kneepit,

what do you mean with blinking? Does the whole screen blink?

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My screen blinked as well, the ferrite chokes did the trick.,my wiring job must have been to close to each other . After adding the ferrite chokes it has been weeks with no issues.

Don’t judge me :). I had plugged both USB lines into the controller. Box…. All is well thank you for your input… only a small heart attack…. Many more to come no doubt

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