10” monitor is intermittent EMI (Solved, Ferrite Chokes stopped the flicker)

My monitor is now intermittent. It is turning the screen on and off. It is not losing power or connection. I have checked connections but just cannot stop the problem. This is a new issue.
Any ideas or suggestions

I’ve been having this issue lately as well. It happened today actually.

I have the same issue. emailed tech support and they said to make sure you turn monitor on first and not have spindle or other things plugged in with controller and monitor. I had just changed my spindle cooler to the plug strip with controller and monitor and that may have caused it. It did not do it today to my knowledge. It seemed to do it with intense g-code activity. Another thread said it was overloading the PI cpu and that Onefinity is looking to fix if possible

I have my monitor on a separate power strip . Most every thing else is 220 volts.

Ensure you have it connected properly:

Thank you for the info. All connections are correct and in place. The power is separate. So I am trying the ferrite rings suggested
If no luck I will consider a different monitor.

I have the exact problem over the last month. I have email tech for onefinity changed cables etc. still happening.

Ferrite rings is the next step. It’s an emi issue in your home environment.

Thanks we will give that a try just weird that everything was fine for 2 months.

Byron mine was fine for about 7 weeks I agree wierd

I added the ferrite rings to the monitor. Still need to test . Are there other places to put some of the 57 extra ferrite rings


What is this thick cord that the monitor mount is right next to? Router cable?
The router sends the dirtiest signal. Being far away from the cable would be ideal

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Can you post a link to the ferrite rings that you bought?

Here’s the ferrite rings we recommend:

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Yes those are the ones I purchased. Are there other places I should put these or do I have 57 extra?

I have been running for 4 hours today and the issue appears to have disappeared

It is my 220 volt line that supplies my system.
Thank you so much for helping. I love this forum

oh momma, 220v right next to the screen, that will surly introduce interference!

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Oh papa. It has worked flawlessly for 7 hrs now. Five different runs

The ferrite must have done it. Or the moon is in the seventh house dating myself