Monitor flickering

So I just recently got my new Machinist assembled and operating. The 10.8 inch monitor has an occasional (maybe once every three seconds) flicker when everything is turned on. In accordance with several posts that I’ve read here, I always turn on the monitor first, before the controller box. I’ve purchased a box of ferrite cores and installed them on the controller end of all the motor drives and on the monitor end of all the cables that go to it. This occurs with the router turned off. I’ve got software version 1.08. I suppose I can live with it, but it’s quite annoying. Is there anything else I should be doing? ~Mike

Other than ensuring that all connections (USB & HDMI) are fully seated on both ends of the cables, I can’t really give you any more advice, sorry.

The first thing that I did was to reseat all the cables at both ends.
Since posting the original, I have tried the following without a change of symptoms:
Unplugged all stepper motor drive cables
Powering the monitor from another AC outlet
Powering the monitor from a standby battery pack.
I don’t have another HDMI source at hand to test the monitor, but I don’t believe that it is the problem, as the monitor starting splash screen appears without issue. As soon as the OneFinity boot screen appears, the flicker starts.
It appears that the monitor can be powered from either the USB port at the controller, or the power block that plugs into the wall. Either one produces the same symptoms.

You have both power sources connected at the same time? Wall plug and USB to controller? Both are required and each to a specific port on the screen.

Yes, both are connected. I tried them one at a time to see if there was any difference. There wasn’t.

And you made sure they’re in the correct ports?
Onefinity specifies which goes to each USB C port.

Anything else plugged into the same circuit that the power supplies for the controller and monitor are plugged into?

Yes, double checked all connections. Changed power source points to no effect.

Is there anything else on the same circuit as the controller and monitor? Interference can come from anything on the circuit. Doesn’t have to be the same outlet…any outlet in the circuit.

The monitor’s USB ports are not both power. One goes to the controller and provides the touchscreen functionality. The other (the one with the lightning bolt on the monitor USB side) goes to a wall wart plugged into main power. That provides power to the monitor when the machine is running. The raspberry pi processor doesn’t have enough power to handle the compute and the display when running. It can support the monitor in standby though.

If you have 2 USB ports from the monitor plugged into the monitor then one (the lightning bolt power one) needs to be removed from the controller and plugged into a wall wart. The one from the wall wart must be plugged into the power port on the monitor and not the unmarked USB-C port.

My mistake then. I thought they both provided power (plus touch screen functionality for the controller USB) but the controller USB alone was not enough power, hence the additional power supply.

You might be right about that. I tested them one at a time to make sure that the main power supply was indeed supplying power. In the meantime, I powered the monitor from a battery pack and replaced the HDMI cable, no change. Now, the monitor has started partially blanking out. I wish I had another HDMI monitor to swap in, but I don’t. The machine and the monitor respond normally to input when this occurs, but I can’t get the whole screen back. Frustrating, but KUDOS to 1F tech support who is working with me on a Sunday!
Fail 2

Well, the verdict is in; it’s a bad monitor. What’s worse is that OF can’t replace it due to to supply chain issues. They don’t have any on hand, and don’t know when they’ll be getting any. Tech support and I agree on the cause, but as I don’t have an HDMI monitor to swap in to prove it, I’m a little nervous, but nonetheless just purchased an alternate touchscreen. We shall see.

Glad you at least got the issue sorted out. Did you go bigger?

Well, I HOPE I got it sorted out! Yes, bigger, ViewSonic 15". Really need the touch screen as room in the shop is limited. I’ll let y’all know how it turns out, should be here late this week.

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ViewSonic TD1655 arrived today, and it seems to have fixed the problem. So far I really like it, especially the fact that it comes with a neat little cover for the screen. I wish the instructions that came with it were more specific with regard to the little switch in the back that turns it on and off, but after a minor thrash, it all worked out nicely. I’m going to have to reorganize my workspace to accommodate the monitor, but I think it will be worth it.