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I have attached two pictures, one of my laptop and one of the 7 inch display. On my laptop picture I have circled the area in question in orange. Is the display of the tabletop supposed to show up on the 7 inch display? If it is, how do you turn it on? Just kind of wondering if its something that can be turned on and off.

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It will not display on the controller screen. Only on remote devices.

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Ahhhhh, I see. Thank you for the quick reply. I figured it was that way but have never found any information about it here.

As Frank said, it will not reader on the small screen - the browser embedded in the Pi is not capable of rendering it. Same for Safari if you happen have a Mac - must use Chrome (sigh).


Thanks Tom for the reply. I couldn’t find the answer to my question any where else on the forum, until, I posted that question and then other posts popped up about the display. But I do have another question, is there any website that I can educate myself on what all the codes mean when others are posting coordinates and other various codes I have no idea what they are talking about.

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If you’re looking for general information on G Code, I’d start here - G Codes - as the BB controller uses this as a base. Not all functions are supported, but most basic ones are. Cross reference with the (help) g code cheat sheet within the software if needed.

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Awesome, will look at it when I get home from work. There’s so much to absorb and so little time when working 10 to 11 shifts.

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