Controller won't turn off

My controller won’t power down, started with this error message. I waited 15 mins still the same, so I tried turning off at the button - still nothing, even unplugged the controller and still have power. The fan is still on and running and lights still on at controller. Not sure what to do next.

You are getting a kernel panic from the Raspberry Pi. Recommend contacting OF support. Or you can reinstall the operating system on the RPI (I think there are instructions somewhere here).


Kernel panic when shutting down is completely normal.

You are experiencing back feed power from the screen. Ensure the screen is fully off when shutting down. Or, pull out the usb c touch wire to stop the back feed of power.

I’m not trying to argue here, but a kernel panic is NEVER normal. An orderly shutdown should be just that - orderly. Whatever the RPI was doing didn’t complete properly and that could be a problem.

A little googling later says power issues can cause a kernel panic on shutdown, usually because of IO issues. But in all causes, the panic is not normal and should be fixed with SW or HW changes.