Machine not shutting down (Solved: Powered on screen back feeds power to controller)

Hi All,

I am new here, in fact still trying to set up to execute my first cut. My first issue, my machine is not shutting down properly. Its looks like I am getting an error after I hit the shut down button —[end kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init! exitcode=0x0000000

it ends up freezing and I have to unplug for it to respond which I know is a horrible way to shut down. Has anyone experienced this or know of a fix.

I appreciate the help and look forward to being part of the community!


If you’re experiencing something similar to this then it’s completely “normal”

Are you using a web cam? If so, unplug it prior to shutting down. I was having all sorts of issues due to my webcam being plugged in during shutdown (kernel panic) and hanging at start-up (stuck on “processing new file”). I no longer have these problems since after i started unplugging the webcam during shutdown and start-up

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Yes this is my exact issue.

I have the controller with the button and after i shut it down like the video it gets stuck with an error message.

the screen is connected to the controller via usb. Sometimes, if the screen is still on, it back feeds its power through the usb cord into the controller. Ensure you have the screen off to turn of the controller. If the controller is still on with the screen of, disconnect the usb c cable that gives touch from the screen to the controller. This should stop the ‘backfeeding’ of power from the screen to the controller.

Thank you! this corrected the issue. I was able to complete my first project last night.

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