Say it isn’t me

Hi all. I just updated to 1.0.9 2 days ago. Since the update it takes a long time to load the web interface and when I try to upload to the OF controller it takes a very very long time to even populate that there is an upload. Once the upload begins it returns to normal upload speed. Sometimes too the web interface will just randomly disconnect. These are brand new issues and my Internet is running like a champ for every other thing I am doing at the shop. Any thoughts or have others experienced this?

It’s not just you, I’m having the random disconnect as well. If I refresh the page it reconnects.

I was having a problem on 1.0.8 where when I would send a file from my computer to the machine and it would not fully load and I would have to keep deleting it on the machine and reloading the file. Is this what you are talking about with the second issue you mentioned? I haven’t sent many files on the new firmware so I’m not sure if it still is a problem.

the signal to the controller is most likely not strong enough. Move the router/extender closer.
Yes, other devices may have ‘strong signal’ but the controller has a pi without a antenna inside and is inside a metal box.

Thanks for the response, it’s not a signal issue with mine. I hard wired it to a router because I was having range issues with the stock Pi wifi. I’ll see if I can spot a trend with when it disconnects and report back.

I have not run into any of those issues and I am hard wired.

I was having the same disconnect issue with my machine. I was told via email it would be fixed in the new version. Doesn’t appear the problem was addressed. I don’t have any problem connecting to my machine when it first turns one but the longer i leave it on the higher likelihood of it happening occurs. Onefinity generously expedited me a new controller when I was having a probe voltage issue. Unfortunately I have the same problems with this one so I assume it is a PI or software issue.

I have the same issue when I connect to the controller through my router via LAN. When I first bootup the onefinity controller is accessible but it seems to timeout after awhile. But I can still connect to it via the wireless network the controller is on. The controller must be dropping off the LAN device list because there is no communication happening over LAN.

Maybe not related, but I was having random disconnects when I had a camera plugged into one of the 4 USB ports. I’d go down to where the CNC is and there’d be a message on the screen “Aw Snap …” Since disconnecting the camera, no more disconnects. Good luck with your issue - I bet a solution is just around the corner.