Controller rebooting

My controller is rebooting during a run.

Lately its been having trouble turning on, flip the switch several times and it will power up when it feels like it. I’ve tried multiple outlets, my router stays on the whole time. I couldn’t even get through a 27 min file without it rebooting.

It’s happened 3 times since yesterday.

Anyone have any suggestions? I have reached out to support but it’s the weekend so i probably won’t hear anything back until next week.

Sounds like a bad power supply to me - you’ll definitely need to talk with support. They’ve been pretty responsive, I bet you’ll hear something before Monday.

I agree with you.

1F emailed me earlier and asked me to flash the firmware, I haven’t been able to yet.

I don’t see how that will help if it physically won’t turn on.

Is it only when running? If so, maybe your drawing too much current on your circuit for your house? You have dirty power?

Try plugging your controller in one outlet for one breaker (That’s important) and then the router (Or whatever else your using thats dirty) in another outlet for a separate breaker to isolate.

I can’t speak to the operational voltage parameters of the 1F controller but doubt it is a line in problem rather the controller itself. I’d continue to work with 1F Support on the issue, you’ll find they won’t let you down.
BTW, when my controller experienced a somewhat similar failure I was amazed at how quickly they provided a replacement.