Strange Screen Flashing/Controller Issue

I have a very strange issue that occurred yesterday while operating the 1F. I was trying to surface a board using a 1.5" surfacing bit and for some reason it dug deeper than it should have (more on this below) and ended up locking up the router. At some point the 1F shut down and so did the router (possibly the powerstrip overloaded and powered off).

Now, every time the router is running, the screen flashes. If I connect the router to another power outlet, everything is fine. So I thought the problem was the outlet strip. If I connect my shopvac (which draws 6amps) to that power strip, everything is fine. It is only the router on the same circuit where this problem shows up.

So my question is, how can I test to see if something didn’t happen to the 1F controller?

It doesn’t make sense why it is behaving this way. I can replace the router, but why would the router affect the screen? What would it do differently than a noisy shopvac on the same circuit?

As for the digging deeper, this is another issue, and perhaps I need to create a new case, but in case it is related:

With the router on a separate circuit, I was cutting out some pine wood. For some reason, again, it was cutting deeper than it should have. On the second pass of my ramp, it cut into the wasteboard. Yet, when I z-probe it comes up fine. I will double check the gcode, but I have not had this problem previously. When I probe (and I aways set my working coordinates relative to the wasteboard), it has never had a problem. Now, it is behaving strangely. I will do some more testing, but the few cuts I did after this incident seem to be odd.

Sounds like EMI.

See: Screen Flickering, Blank, or Black Screen, Randomly Loosing Zeros, Random Happenings (EMI)

Yes, but why all of a sudden? What happened, and why doesn’t a shopvac, which is just as noisy, not also cause the problem.

Something changed, and I would like to make sure something didn’t happen with the controller. How can I confirm nothing got damaged?

The only test is by using the controller.
The problem was your router. It has extremely dirty signal and the plunge made the router pull more load/draw and the power strip could not supply enough power and triggered it’s internal breaker.

You should never have the router/vac on the same outlet/circuit as the controller/screen.

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