Random unhoming EMI... maybe?

I have been chasing what I believe to be EMI
I’m running version 1.3 on my x50 journeyman.

I found a post going through all the possibilities for random unhoming/black screen flickering.

-I have my blower and router on separate circuits than my controller
-I replaced the brushes in the router
-I ran a copper wire around my dust collection hose up to the motor and down to the filter
-I have those magnet things that clip around cables on all my monitor wires and on some controller wires

My symptoms are flickering black screen (perhaps once a min or longer) & and randomly my screen will black out & x,y,z all become u homed and I have to start over.
Sometimes I can run a file for 20 mins before this happens sometimes over an hour.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thanks

Might be an intermittent power issue, do you have a push button or rocker switch? Maybe clean the power switch? It sounds like it could be losing power briefly.

I have the push button power on/off
I will double check the power supply cord

Hey Mike,

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For the monitor intermittent issue, it is wise to add ferrite cores.

For erratic axis movement, for the Z plunge issue and for lost steps due to EMI,

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that is not useful. See also the JohnMcGrath video linked in the link below. It would have been more useful to properly ground your machine (see here).

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Further reading

I have the ferrite clips on my cords
I’ll check out the video for grounding the dust collection properly. Thanks!